Hired A Great Tree Service Fort Mayers Area

I was looking for a tree service company to cut down a tree for me. It was becoming a problem because the branches were falling onto my neighbor’s property. He wasn’t really happy about picking up the limbs and branches all the time and would constantly complain about it. I decided it was time to just have it cut down.

I asked my neighbor if he knew of any tree service companies in the area. He said he didn’t know of any, but it shouldn’t be hard to find one to cut the tree down.

After talking to him, I went online and searched for tree service Fort Mayers area. I found a few companies that had ratings on their listings. I decided to call them and ask them a few questions. I asked them what they charge to cut a tree down and when they could do it. I wanted it done quickly so I didn’t need to hear anything else about it from my neighbor.

After calling around and getting prices to compare, I remembered that I saw something recently on Facebook about a tree service company in the area. I went on there and searched for tree service Fort Mayers. I found out that a friend of mine recently posted great things about one they had hired. This happened to be one company I didn’t see online so I gave them a call to ask them a few questions. They gave me the cheapest quote out of the other companies and they said they could come over the same day to cut the tree down. I decided to go ahead and hire them to do the job for me and they arrived shortly after telling them where I lived.

They were able to cut my tree down and remove it from my property the same day. My neighbor was happy to see the tree go and didn’t mind the mess it left in his yard while it was getting cut down. I told the tree removal company to make sure they got all of it out of his yard. They did a great job with clean up of the mess and I am glad I found them.

I haven’t heard anything from my neighbor so he must be happy it’s gone and out of his way. I am glad I don’t have to hear about it any longer.